The Mission:

To develop a community-wide collaborative for innovation and sustainable resources to achieve our vision.

The Vision:

Building together a healthy, safe and drug-free community.


  1. It shall be the goal of the Coalition and Board to promote the development and implementation of integrated substance use/abuse reduction strategies, as well as prevention activities and services for our youth residents of Guernsey County.
  2. To collect and utilize local data and assessments to best understand substance use/abuse issues in Guernsey County. Information obtained through data collection and assessments will drive the work of the Coalition. 3. To prioritize risk protective factors to reduce the likelihood of Guernsey County youth and adults being at risk of substance use/abuse and other problem behaviors.
  3. To develop long-term community plans to reduce the number of youth at risk as well as adults of substance use/abuse in Guernsey County. 5. To set measurable goals and desired project outcomes for all activities and strategies included in the Guernsey County CHOICES Strategic Plan.
  4. To cooperate with local law enforcement, courts, schools, agencies, organizations and local boards to provide data to measure outcomes. 7. To train and educate the Board; utilizing State and National resources from prevention and anti-drug coalition organizations, to ensure strategic plan and strategies chosen are appropriate and effective for Guernsey County.